Bowman App yorumlar


Mega krutaya igra


Make it have retina display dogg


In 2009, this game may have been decent, but now it's just a relic. Update the resolution and screen size pronto.

Nothing like Bowman or Bowman 2

Arrows are wayyyyy too slow and laggy.

Fix the sound!

I can't turn the volume down and the sound that comes out when I fire the arrow doesn't sound anything close to the real sound at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool but Update!!

This game is really cool and fun, but you guys really need to update for the new iPod Touch or iPhone 5 and Retina Display

Don't buy!

No volume change No pause button Can't zoom out the screen Terrible sound and graphic quality Rubbish


Never buy this app!!!!!!' You hear me!? Don't buy this app!!!!!!


Bowman is a great game. The only problem is that you should be able to turn the system on the other side so that if you're right handed, it's easier. Other than that, it's nearly perfect.


I even just installed the newest iOS 5.1.1 for my iPod touch 4th gen and it still wont load. Is there some kind of glitch on this game? If your getting it, you should have a friend who already has it gift it to you, so you don't chance waisting your$$$.


Make retina graphics and make flexible gameplay! Its not a 3d game it wont be too hard to fix it. Make it not look so unrealistically awkward


The game is cool but they need to fix things ex audio it still play audio when your volume is all the way down


It stole my money. Don't buy this app


If u know how to make install tell me by posting a comment

It's a scam

They advertise a game that will not load and will not respond to your grievance in the app support

Bowman? Freakin' messed up, dangit!

I bought it. It doesn't load. I waste money. Bleep you idiots who created it! What kind of sickos do this? Get a life, or better game creators. Butts.

Can buy but won't install?

Any insight into the issues with his app? Purchased on iPod touch 3rd gen but fails installation. App store shows installed but icon is nowhere to be found. General settings show app allowing me to delete and re-install but same problem.


This app is great since they updated it again it use to not work but now there are more options and a lot more it is just like on computer I luv it I highly recommend this app!!!! :)


Paid for but will not load. Waste of money

Horrible horrible...

I come in buy it Its loading it takes a minute for me but when I went in the app store I came out again but it was gone this game is I wouldn't recommend it I waisted $0.99


The makers of this piece of crap need to be shot for taking people's money!!!!

Complete rip off!

Won't even download to the iPhone! It says it's installed when it isn't. Don't waste your money.

Do not buy this game does not load

When i bought this game it never load and it says its installed. NEED TO FIX THIS NOW!!!

The is bad

Do not buy is does not lode

Fun game

It needs to be able to play over wi-fi or Bluetooth. Also I don't like that it moves the person you're playing against eventually in the game. Otherwise, great game, much like the original bowman, and worth your money.

Not bad

It needs many features but it's got potential

Very fun but:

I'd really like to be able to turn blood off. If u could do that it be great!

The game cheats

It changes the distance between you and the computer player but other than that it's a great game


It needs: 1. Better high score keeper 2. 2-player wifi or bluetooth 3. Online high score 4. Changeable bow/guy/stage colors 5. Crossbow 6. Power-ups It would be  if these were added.

Good, could be great.

Multi-player online needs to happen!


Its a good game but it has a glitch were it well Change the distance by itself when you are playing vs CPU

Good Game

I like the game but dont like the time limit for the bird hunting.

Don't compare it to the computer version

Doesn't come close to being as fun. Hard to use on a small screen (iPhone vs iPad) it's only .99c so I'm not complaining much

Don't buy this game

I played for about 15 mins and this game has nothing inside. I wasted my money. Don't buy it.


People this is lame a awsome at the same time


No self impalement :(


Make it have retina display dogg


Pretty great game. Lots of fun on car rides


this is the worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so dont waste yo money foolz

Buy it

Definitly worth ur 99 game

Great game! But needs more weapons.

This is one of my top 5 apps on my iPhone! But it would be WAY more fun if it had more weapons such as a crossbow... and if it had online multiplayer! Great game anyway! Get it now!


In Soviet Russia, game plays you!

Very fun!

Well worth the $.99


I got this for free


I wish you could shoot arrows while the other person's arrow is in the air so the arrows might hit eachother and stop so they will fall. Like the conputer one.


I hate it! You people ate loosers! Do not buy! :-(

Computer game was better

I always loved playing this on computer, but this is too easy. On the computer you could put up walls and add wind. Please add settings

Wifi please

If it was wifi multi player it would be the


This game is really cool and plz make it to where you get to choose wat side u want to be on

Update needed

when i start playing bird hunt it works perfectly but after shooting 2 or 3 birds it starts laging and i can go over 2600 on my score even though im shooting every single bird down i guess its becase of thr lag so please updates are needed. great game tho



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