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Bowman app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 2830 ratings )
Sports Games Action Strategy
Developer: Lentrica Software
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 26 Mar 2009
App size: 813.31 Kb


Bowman V1.4 (this version) is better than all previous versions.

If you wish to play the original game, simply turn off the Wind, Wall and Fatigue features within the game settings.

This latest version has it all. It has many options which you can turn on or off depending on how challenging you want it to be.

Bowman is a highly addictive classical game. Even if youve never heard of it before, play it just once and youll be hooked.

The object of the game is to shoot arrows at your opponent and kill them before they kill you. Its a battle against your opponent to see who can accurately judge the angle and strength of the shot to make the arrow land on your opponents body.

A head shot inflicts the most damage while a shot in the chest takes second place. Everywhere else on the opponents body inflicts less damage.

To shoot your bow, simply drag your finger across the screen and youll be presented with a trajectory plus angle and strength (power) information. Release your finger to release the bow.

You can play Bowman against the iPhone or against a friend.

To make it even more entertaining, we have also included a bird shooting game. Youll have to shoot as many birds as you can within 3 minutes and then let your friend try the same. Hopefully, you will have shot more birds than your friend.

Thousands and thousands of people play Bowman online every day and now you can enjoy a better version of it on the iPhone. It really is highly addictive.

**Lentrica Software has also released another simple yet highly addictive game - Escapa**

Pros and cons of Bowman app for iPhone and iPad

Bowman app good for

Its really fun but the final topping on this game should be abling more than one bird kill with one arrow. Like on the one online. So if you hit a bird and it lands on another bird. DOUBLE Kill.
Bare game with no options u need to add a campain, flaming arrows, multiple arrow shot, arrow bazuka and a distance factor other than those improvments alright game ( for now )
Can you make the buttons in the menu depress or change colour or something Im touching the things and I dont know if its read my finger or not.
Should have career mode and multiple weapons. Otherwise really good.
Needs more weapons and options P.S I got it for free Teehee
You should add wind. Also should have an arrow limit for the bird hunting, I can be like machinegun bow and arrow styles and theres no challenge.

Some bad moments

Its a truly simple game that becomes totally boring very quickly! It has lots of potential and room for significant improvements (many of which have been mentioned by other customers). I look forward to seeing later versions in the hopefully not too far distant future.
I Was completely bored playing that game after 5 mins… not worth buying it.
Poor gameplay. Primitive graphics. Removed game after a few minutes.
It dosent have bird hunting or the wall but atleast the arrows dont dissapear Also i hate how the bird hunting has a time limit Thank god i never bought this Now youll never get anyone to buy it seeing reviews like this
Horrible! If you shoot with same exact angle and power your arrows will End up in different locations. Theres another free bow game out there, download that one instead cuz other then the bird killing this ones dreadfull!!!
Same angle different shot Same angle different shot Same angle different shot Only reason I dont delete the app I paid 99 cents for it