Bowman App Reviews

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Needs online multiplayer and highscores

Awesome butttttttt

Its really fun but the final topping on this game should be abling more than one bird kill with one arrow. Like on the one online. So if you hit a bird and it lands on another bird. DOUBLE Kill.

Needs options

Bare game with no options u need to add a campain, flaming arrows, multiple arrow shot, arrow bazuka and a distance factor other than those improvments alright game ( for now )

Sweet but....

Can you make the buttons in the menu depress or change colour or something Im touching the things and I dont know if its read my finger or not.


Got it for free haha

Great but......

Should have career mode and multiple weapons. Otherwise really good.

Awesome but......

Needs more weapons and options P.S I got it for free Teehee

Great fun... But...

It gets increasingly annoying that you cant see your opponent before you fire the arrow, you both should be on the same screen, or at least add the option to scroll the screen.

Not bad..

You should add wind. Also should have an arrow limit for the bird hunting, I can be like machinegun bow and arrow styles and theres no challenge.

Room for tons of improvements

Its a truly simple game that becomes totally boring very quickly! It has lots of potential and room for significant improvements (many of which have been mentioned by other customers). I look forward to seeing later versions in the hopefully not too far distant future.


Great game just like the original. It would be a five star if it was I little more like the old one though. Needs wall, wind, 2 for 1 kills in bird hunting, and also be able to redirect arrows in bird hunting by hitting them with another. Also dead birds should stay on the ground and there should be an unlimited bird hunting mode.

What a repetitive boring game

I Was completely bored playing that game after 5 mins… not worth buying it.


Totally worth the money awesome game I have 36 games and this game is number two on my list

Update fix

Great game. The new update is not installing thow. Please fix!

Update?? Maybe not...

The New update for bowman is kinda hit youre enemy is very hard and im mean like fatigue??? OMG they did not.... this is a great game and i look forward to changes that will make this application better. Thank you.

Great now

Its much better now with the update! You have to buy it. Its addictive.

Need improvement

Like the game in general but why did you put fatigue? Anyway... I got it when it was free :P

Its okay,

The arrows need to fly faster, and maby have an option to change the speed, cause it is waaayyyy too slow! Thanks.


Nice! The bird hunting is fun. I play it in class all the time haha.



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